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Cincinnati Past Plastic

I was the co-creator of a plastic waste education campaign, Cincinnati Past Plastic. I worked with the Miami Chapter of the Sierra Club. Our goal was to promote community awareness of the consequences of our convenience-driven, throw-away culture and to urge community members to decrease their consumption of plastic disposables.

We created educational displays for community events and festivals, such as Second Sunday on Main in OTR. We also created content for the Sierra Club's website, our social media accounts, as well as content for brochures and canvassing materials. One of our educational tools was our bag monster. He was made out of 375 plastic bags which, in 2013, was the number of plastic bags the average American used in one year.


​In the year that my team and I worked on the Past Plastic Campaign, we organized 6 free screenings of the documentary film Bag-It. We worked closely with a variety of community organizations including, the Green Umbrella, LEAP (Leaders for Environmental Awareness and Protection), and the University of Cincinnati's Sustainability Club.


​In November 2013, we were awarded the New Activist Award by the Miami Chapter of the Sierra Club.

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