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Directions to Here:Price Hill

Directions to Here: Price Hill was a project that I completed with an artist collective called Continuance (a group consisting of me, Dani Clark, & Mak Vail). In the summer of 2020, we participated in the Price Hill Creative Community Festival. Over the course of three weeks, we asked residents to tell us about a place in Price Hill that is meaningful to them. We interviewed nine Price Hill residents and collaborated with a local photographer, Catie Viox, who photographed each community member and their meaningful space. Our project was presented in a virtual festival. The edited audio played as the photographs were presented.

Melissa Baker: Meiser's Market
Reba Hennssey: Sassafrass Garden
Felicia Daughty: Washing Well
Nick: Church of Resurrection
CVIOX+-+pricehillchili (1).jpg
Michaela Rawthorn: Price Hill Chilli
Tim: Incline Theater
Celeste Shumerick: Enright Eco Village
Betsy: NextDoor
Ben: Mt. Echo Park
Photography by Catie Viox. Audio interviews and audio editing by Dani Clark, Myra Morehart, and Mak Vail. 
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